CENTRAL OFFICE CABINET PSU-1/1920/1200/350/2.2 (VER. 350 MM)



Dedicated for installation in telecommunication central offices with limited space and high number of cables and connectors.


  • cabinet depth 350 mm dedicated for installation in telecommunication central offices with limited space and high number of cables and connectors
  • provides 2304 fibre terminations in two hinged module mounting frames (left and right)
  • accepts left and right modules MPK-48-L-35, MPK-48-P-35, MPK-72-L-35, MPK-72-P-35
  • minimises initial installation expenditures thanks to the modular construction with MPK modules
  • easy and convenient devided access to outdoor cable management section and adapter plate, key locked module mounting frames
  • high capacity, ease of installation and efficient fibre management
  • top and/or bottom outdoor cable or multipatchcord brush entries
  • key locked double door with perspex window panes
  • stable and rigid construction


  • one or two module mounting frames
  • front door
  • fibre manifolds R-01C
  • splittable protective tube
  • installation and maintenance instructions
  • installation kit


  • modules MPK-48-L, MPK-48-P
  • modules MPK-72-L, MPK-72-P
  • patchcord excess length storage module MZK-L-35
  • patchcord excess length storage module MZK-P-35
  • blank plate PSU-1-Z to cover unused space in the mounting frame
  • PPO-48, PPO-72 frames to install MPPO modules in LGX system


  • Done Almost 30 years of experience in the telecommunications market.
  • Done Innovative products - over 100 designed prototyping PER YEAR!
  • Done Almost 4 000 m2 square manufacturing and warehousing space in central EUROPE!
  • Done Capacity - up to 25 000 fibre optic connectors PER WEEK!
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number of lateral cable management sections 2
number of splice trays 80xKSQ
maximum number of splices 2×960=1920
module type MPK-48 or MPK-72
number of modules 40xMPK-48 or 24xMPK-72 + 4xMPK-48
connector standard E-2000, SC
adapter capacity 1920 (48 or 72 per module)
number of outdoor cable entries 52
maximum diameter of input cable [mm] 50
dimensions: width/height/depth [mm] 1200/2200/350
recommended pigtail length [m], 0,9 mm buffered fibre 1,5
weight [kg] 145
housing material/colour steel sheet/RAL 7035


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