OPTOMER, is a rapidly growing company, with over twenty years of experience in the telecommunications market, specializing in fiber optic technology. As a representative of the Swiss company DIAMOND, the world leader in high performance optical components production, OPTOMER provide innovative solutions, modern technology and comprehensive technical support.

The best performance and reliability of our products are confirmed by positive opinions of the installers and users.


The company’s mission is to provide the highest quality products and services as well as the professional technical support that increasing customer’s efficiency. We respond quickly to customer enquiries, provide short lead times against placed purchase orders, continuously improve the quality of customer service and provide advanced and detailed training courses. These are just some of the advantages of working with us.

Due to continuous improvement of the quality of provided products and services our customers feel safe, confident and happy to work with us.


  • persistent improvement of quality to keep a strong position on the market
  • supporting the customers with high quality products and services for the full customer satisfaction
  • ensuring the credibility to the company as a reliable manufacturer of fiber optic equipment
  • maintaining and improving the quality of offered products and services